Blitz Movie Games New our Ligaz11 Software for Tournaments and Single Tables Satellites and a New Format for PokerDollars

New our Ligaz11 Software for Tournaments and Single Tables Satellites and a New Format for PokerDollars

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As you may or may not know, we have closed the tournament area on the old software. You will only be able to play 24/7 side action on the old software. To download the our new software and participate in the Fun Play tournaments and Single Table satellites, click here.

We are still awarding Poker Dollars, but this time it is a slightly different system. You play in the Fun Play area and your play in the tournaments is calculated and included in a ranking system (20 games per month).

The top 3 players on the ranking system at the end of the month win, 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month respectively in our

If you are already a PokerSchool member, then you can also participate in the Fun Play tournaments. If you win then, the time will be added onto your existing membership.

The Fun Play tournaments are run at the same times every week, so see the calendar for further information. The single table satellites are 24/7, and as soon as there are 10 players on the list then the satellite will start. When this happens, another new satellite appears in the lobby screen and you can immediately start to book into that one, and so on. The single table satellites on the Fun Play do not count towards the ranking table.

The multi-table tournaments appear in the lobby, 1 hour prior to the event starting and you just add your name to the list, and the tournaments will start on time and you will be seated. There are no restrictions to the number of players per tournament, like the old software, so there will not be a batch of 3 tournaments like the old structure.

There is also not going to be round 1’s and 2’s anymore as all of your ligaz11 results are automatically calculated and added to the ranking system. We also have a new function on our new software this week, where you can unjoin the event if you decide for any reason that you will not be able to play once you have put your name on the list. This is really as a courtesy to the other players and will not delay the game unnecessarily if you are just not present and blinded off.

If any of you have any questions please email me

If you still have Poker Dollars that you have not yet claimed for tournament play in a live casino – don’t worry as they are valid for a year.