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Aztec Riches Casino – ReviewAztec Riches Casino – Review

$20 Free (no purchase required); a free 50% (up to $300) bonus on your first deposit

Last updated: 16 NOV 2002Quetzlcoatl, the Aztec god of civilization and learning, is credited for introducing the cocoa bean to humankind. The beans were revered by the Aztecs, used in religious services and given as gifts. The Aztecs reserved cocoa consumption for nobility and warriors. It was not only used for nutrition, but also used as a form of currency.

The great Aztec ruler Montezuma and his court consumed 50 pitchers of “xocolatl” per day. The precious elixir was served in goblets of solid gold, which were used just once, and then thrown into a lake. But, while xocolatl was highly prized and gold obviously not, today the opposite is true… and now you can go in search of these treasures at the Aztec Riches Casino.

42 quality games including 11 of Microgaming’s now famous progressives can be found at Aztec Riches Casino. Along with your usual Blackjack, Cyberstud Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and multi-hand Blackjack, you can also find a wide selection of slots including the City of Gold. Of note also is that this is one of the few Microgaming casinos at which you can play 50¢ blackjack.

Also unique is an option to sign up for the Unique Casino Gaming Card, a private credit card issued to the Internet’s most exclusive online gamers. You’ll need to send them an email to find out more about the Gaming Card, as it can only be obtained by invitation, but privileges includes a high spending limit of US$3,000 per day, daily credit limit of up to US$1,000, interest on balances over US$500 and more. Surely this will prove an attractive option to the gambling whales out there.

While downloading Aztec Riches Casino, I decided to go take a look at some of their weekly promotions – and immediately found one to my liking – Jacks or Better Power Poker Playoff, which takes place on Sundays. The top 10 players with the highest score (average bet x number of bets), share in a prize pool of US$825! And all players who make at least 50 plays receive $10 free. Montezuma never had it this good!

So after making a deposit and collecting my sign-up bonus, off I went to play Jacks or Better Power Poker, with free entry into the Playoff competition on Sunday. Unfortunately, as usual, Power Poker took full advantage of my presence and ate up my deposit and bonus, but not after I managed to collect my free $10 for 50 plays. Don’t know if I will make the top 10 since I bet quarters, but you never know, perhaps this week I could get lucky.

I also decided to try out their unique City of Gold slots. Alas, Montezuma must have been laughing at me as I couldn’t hit a thing… so I moved on to the Wheel of Wealth feature slots with the remainder of my meager deposit. This Wheel of Fortune clone costs $3 to play – and if you get the “Spin” symbol on the third line, you get to spin the wheel. And that’s all I can tell you because I didn’t make it that far, though I hit a few smaller payouts.

Ecash support is provided by Proc Cyber – surely the largest gaming e-commerce provider on the Net now. The management at this casino are top-notch, and support should be like any other casino which has Proc Cyber – good or bad may depend on when you test them out yourselves, but on the whole nothing to worry about.

At press time, Aztec Riches Casino is offering a $20 no-strings-attached bonus just for downloading the game, plus a 50% bonus of up to $300 – that’s a cool $320 in total you can start your account with in free money!

Give the Wheel of Wealth a spin, or if you’re hungry for progressives, Major Millions can be found here too – will you join the ranks of instant millionaires? Montezuma left behind a ton of treasure, so get on down to Aztec Riches Casino now!…

Translation Services UK

Proofreading at Translation Services UKProofreading at Translation Services UK

To ensure consistent, accurate copy, Bubbles Translation provides two levels of proofreading so that the message hits maximum effect in the target language.

The first is proofreading by a specialist linguist to help ensure that the copy is complete and error free.

The second is the independent checking of the translation by a second mother tongue translator. This service is highly recommended for documents intended for publication and covers grammar, style and semantics as well accuracy in translation.

No matter what content or language, we will work with you to create the best customised workflow and ensure your content is as accurate as possible.

And we will work with any kind of document, no matter what the content or language, to produce a crisp and clear document, geared to your target audience.

For advice on what level of proofreading or editing your work will need, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

One-stop shop combined services

Our one-stop shop service is our top of the range service customised to suit your individual needs.

We can offer an all encompassing combined service from copywriting or translation through to publishing or print.

This brings together our translation management team, typesetting studio, in-house internet specialists and print management team.

Not only do we use the very best translators on the project, you also benefit from our many years’ experience of coordinating large projects with typesetters, designers, website developers, and proof-readers.

We will provide you with a complete solution, saving you valuable time and resources.

We will then send the finished job to you in whatever format you require, whether this be for example:

a fully typeset print optimised PDF file

a web optimised low resolution PDF file

printed – digital or litho

recorded audio files on CD

subtitled video files

fully tested and built, language and country optimised HTML or Translation Services UK database driven website files

Before arranging your next large translation project, Bubbles Translation to speak to one of our specialists.


Whatever your requirements we have the professional interpreters and specialist interpreting equipment to make your event a success and get you communicating. From business meetings and conferences through to court proceedings and less formal situations such as social functions, it is essential to have the correct interpreter for the project.

Bubbles Translation has been arranging interpreting assignments since 1988 and our experienced Project Managers will guide you through the process to ensure you receive the service that’s right for you.

Our experienced interpreters are the cream of the industry and are all highly qualified professionals. As well as being excellent linguists they are affiliated to recognised professional bodies including the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and Institute of Linguists, ensuring that you make the right impact.

Not only will we supply the right interpreter, we also offer a free consultancy service, providing advice on interpreting and cultural issues. And we can provide interpreters in all languages to almost any location in the world.

To ensure our interpreters are fully prepared and suited to the occasion, we aim to supply only those that have experience in your sector. Furthermore, we request from you relevant pre-event reference material which is carefully reviewed by our interpreters beforehand.

Let Bubbles Translation give you the confidence and trust you need to help make your event a complete success.

Click on the links below to find out more about our different types of Interpreting:…

Toto HK

Pengeluaran langsung dealer kasino Sgp – terlalu cepat?Pengeluaran langsung dealer kasino Sgp – terlalu cepat?

Sekali waktu, ada kasino yang dikenal sebagai First Live – sebuah operasi yang melibatkan transmisi video langsung dari dealer di kasino yang berinteraksi dengan pemain yang duduk di depan komputernya.

Diliputi oleh sejumlah masalah hukum dan keuangan, operasi ini segera menggigit debu. Tapi sekarang, ada operasi lain yang dimulai, didukung oleh kekuatan taipan judi paling terkenal di Asia – Stanley Ho.

Berjudul www.drho.com, kasino baru ini mencoba menangkap kembali semangat dan nuansa kasino langsung, sekali lagi dengan video langsung dealer yang membagikan kartu yang diharapkan Anda mainkan.

Ditargetkan terutama pada penjudi Asia – terutama Toto HK Kanton -, sejumlah besar upaya telah dikeluarkan dengan harapan dapat menciptakan lingkungan permainan online yang unik untuk orang Cina yang gila judi.

Tapi apakah itu berhasil?

Nah, sebagai permulaan, jika Anda ingin mengunduh perangkat lunak, itu memerlukan unduhan besar-besaran 70 megabita – menggunakan modem dial-up 56K standar, Anda dapat menghabiskan waktu mulai dari 5-8 JAM untuk mengunduh perangkat lunak.

Memang, Anda dapat meminta mereka untuk mengirimi Anda CD, tetapi jika Anda seperti kebanyakan penjudi, Anda ingin berjudi SEKARANG.

Untungnya, saya memiliki saluran DSL bersama yang memungkinkan saya mengunduh perangkat lunak dalam waktu lebih dari satu jam.

Jadi saya menginstal dan mengujinya – dan sayangnya, tampaknya komputer saya tidak memenuhi persyaratan minimum (heck, saya memiliki mesin prosesor ganda dengan kartu grafis yang layak dan memori 256MB) atau perangkat lunaknya rusak, karena saya tidak dapat menyelesaikan SATU tangan blackjack atau apa pun tanpa terus-menerus harus meminimalkan dan memaksimalkan layar, bahkan dengan semua opsi video dan suara disetel ke minimum absolut.

Pasangkan ini dengan bandwidth besar yang umumnya diperlukan untuk video langsung yang akan ditransmisikan – bahkan dalam keadaan buruk yang diterima – dan Anda memiliki konsep yang TIDAK BISA bekerja sampai instalasi serat optik di seluruh dunia selesai sekitar tahun depan.

Sangat menyedihkan juga, mengingat kekuatan dana di balik operasi Pengeluaran Sgp ini – Stanley Ho memegang monopoli di semua kasino di Makau, bekas jajahan Portugis yang hanya berjarak satu jam dari Hong Kong – dan saya menduga dia akan sangat kecewa dengan hasil.

Saya tidak dapat membenarkan unduhan 70MB untuk alasan apa pun – tentu saja bukan untuk berjudi – dan saya bertanya-tanya apa yang disertakan dengan perangkat lunak ini untuk hasil yang sangat buruk yang saya dapatkan ketika saya mencobanya.

Ambil kursi belakang, orang-orang. Pergi bermain di suatu tempat di mana segala sesuatunya bekerja dengan cepat dan efisien.

Kemudian sekitar tahun depan, ketika bandwidth di seluruh dunia meningkat dan Anda memiliki koneksi khusus dengan kabel atau DSL, lihat lagi. Saya tidak berpikir mereka akan menyerah semudah itu, tentu saja mengetahui reputasi Dr. Ho – dan segalanya hanya bisa menjadi lebih baik di masa depan.

JANGAN lakukan sekarang. Anda akan senang Anda tidak melakukannya.…

Crypto Gambling

FuelCoin Bright Future Cryptocurrency, a hidden gem for Crypto GamblingFuelCoin Bright Future Cryptocurrency, a hidden gem for Crypto Gambling

Fuelcoin is currently going through significant changes. One of the most important items that’s being looked at right now is the current warning that it will be removed from its preferred exchange Bittrex. Bittrex is NOT the only exchange available and if removed Fuel will indeed move to another. However we have a long term and very good working relationship with Bittrex and prefer to maintain it. The message the market is showing is rather misleading. “Being removed for lack of user interest” couldn’t be further from the truth. In Jan 2017 Bittrex changed its minimum requirement for hosting from .2 BTC average daily volume to .5 BTC / day. This poses a small problem for fuel and its users and holders. One would think that low volume is a bad sign. Quite the opposite. If no one is willing to sell? Then that actually a good thing. This shows that most who hold fuel believe it is in a good long term position to sustain its vale and grow. Long term. Unlike so many other coins, who rely on a lot of new attention that dissolve right along with the weakening of the launch hype created? Fuelcoin is on a LONG TERM plan. So low trading volume is actually a good sign people love their Fuel!

Fuelcoin was the first coin that crossed the threshold of being fully distributed. This took several years. Price volatility was an issue mainly due to new coins entering the market. However today? They ONLY way to get a Fuelcoin is to buy it from someone else on the open and public exchange. Why does this matter? Overhead can be a major problem for coins maintaining their value. Lets look at Bitcoin. While it IS breaking records and gaining mainstream adoption. It constantly has trouble maintaining its new price. The reason is the miners are still creating new Bitcoins. Currently at the rate of 12.5 every 10 min! These coins come at a cost too. The miners are forced to sell coins just to pay for the electricity and ever increasing hardware expenses to keep current enough to still mine blocks. This has a negative net result in excess of 38 MILLION dollars each and every month! (Based on a 1700.00 BTC) You can see the price spikes and the ensuing drops due to this large amount of money required to keep the network going. Good news is Bitcoin has been grabbing the attention of much more than that therefore the prices are still going up. I will add a quick side note. 38 million dollars a month is literally a drop in a very large bucket when dealing with the flow of money. So Bitcoin has a LONG way to go before it can even come close to maxing out its potential. Team Fuelcoin LOVES Bitcoin!

The developers of Fuelcoin did recognize a few flaws with Bitcoin though. The first is the constant need to inject money to miners to keep the network going. This will eventually become a major problem especially as the price of it increases. This is why Fuelcoin was 100 percent pre-mined. Meaning all the coins that are ever going to exist? Are here today. (With exception of the very small staking rewards. This will be discussed below). Why was this done? To mitigate the long term effects of perpetual down pressure on the price of the coin due to the expense of network upkeep. (Mining) Of course in the beginning Fuel was suffering the same problem. We had 100 million coins to distribute. That milestone was crossed in October 2016. So problem #1 is solved.

Next issue. Scale-ability. We are seeing the flaw in BTC TODAY! What happens if the network explodes with interest? The miners get back logged. It takes considerable time to bring hardware in and launch it to increase confirmations of transactions ( I am leaving out the part where Bitcoin can only handle so many in a block no matter how much hash power is applied) As of this writing Bitcoin is 140 THOUSAND transactions behind. Fuelcoin was developed using proof of stake technology and here’s WHY that important.  Bitcoin relies on mining operations to confirm transactions. If a few new people a day choose to use Bitcoin the miners can easily keep up. With the explosive growth of Bitcoin interests there have been 10s of thousands using the coin overnight. That’s part of where the back log comes from. Fuelcoin on the other hand does not use mining to confirm transactions. Rather it shifts that process to the users. Meaning if the network suddenly gets 100 thousand people overnight using it? Its not going to slow down. It will increase in performance and processing capabilities as each new person gets a wallet.

Block times. Bitcoin processes 1 block every 10 minutes. Another reason the processing time is so back logged. Fuel is MUCH faster for Crypto Gambling. With block times of 3 minutes? You will generally see a transaction within 3 seconds and fully confirmed and usable by the person you sent to in about 3 minutes. Today Bitcoin is taking as much as 48 hours to fully confirm transactions. Speed is everything if your sitting at a shop waiting to leave after paying for your coffee. As a shop owner? Sometimes having access to your fund to use immediately can make the difference between keeping the doors open or not. Waiting 12 to 48 hours is simply unacceptable.

Future development. Fuelcoin is very adaptable. The current code can be modified rather easily to implement things like Segwit as its needed. Hard forks are virtually impossible when your dealing hundreds of thousands of users and wallets. Look at the fiasco Bitcoin is facing today for this very reason.

Branding. Fuelcoin lends itself to a wide variety of marketing options and directions. Using tag lines such as “Fuel Your Dreams” Or ” Your Futures Fuel” are very easy to embrace. There are several coins on the market that are very good but difficult to remember. We believe this will be yet another long term decisions for our coin.

Mature. Fuelcoin has to date confirmed in excess of 1.6 million blocks. The platform is very stable. Stability of the blockchain can sometimes be the golden grail for developers and many struggle to generate a consensus. Due to the complete distribution of the Fuel this has not been a problem.

Fuelcoin is literally one of the best coins on the market today. A diamond in the rough so to speak. The future looks very bright for crypto in general and Fuelcoin is NO exception.…

Aladdin blow hits LCI hard to best online casino singaporeAladdin blow hits LCI hard to best online casino singapore

LONDON Clubs International (LCI) shares crashed 11.25 to a new low of 16.75 yesterday as the company revealed a setback over the refinancing of its Aladdin casino in Las Vegas, potentially threatening the future of the entire group.

The casino operator said that the Sommer Trust of the US, its 60pc equity partner in Aladdin, had gone back on an agreement to renegotiate of Aladdin’s $740m debts.

The agreement, announced at the group’s full-year results in July, and involving the company’s banking syndicate led by the Bank of Nova Scotia, gave London Clubs vital breathing space over Aladdin’s annual $80m interest bill.

It included “the waiver of all financial convenants and changes to the Keep Well arrangements for the period to end August 2002”. London Clubs has had to pay Keep Well penalties to the banks, the most recent a sum of $8.7m, because Aladdin is not hitting its earnings targets.

The agreement was supposed to be the forerunner of a much bigger deal, essential to restoring London Clubs’ financial health.

This involves London Clubs exchanging £118m of preference shares in Aladdin, accrued when Sommer refused to pay its share of $220m cost overruns on the project, for equity. London Clubs would raise its stake from 40pc to 85pc, allowing it to sell control of the Las Vegas casino.

Yesterday, London Clubs said: “At the time of LCI’s announcement, the renegotiated terms of the Aladdin financing package were approved by LCI, the Sommer Trust and Aladdin Gaming Holdings. In the intervening period when this agreement was formally documented, the Sommer Trust has rescinded its support.”

London Clubs said it remained in talks “with the Aladdin banking syndicate with a view to reaching a unilateral agreement” over Aladdin’s financing. Industry sources said, however, that Sommer had put London Clubs in “a perilous position”.

One said: “It could be tactical with Sommer trying to squeeze out a bit more before it agrees to the equity deal. The risk though is that if Sommer plays hardball throughout, the banks could lose patience and put Aladdin into Chapter 11.

“That would almost certainly bring down London Clubs.”

CCGNJ Announces best online casino singapore  Self-Exclusion Program

Problem gamblers can ban themselves from New Jersey casinos starting on September 10, 2001.

Ed Looney, Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. applauds this new and innovative program that will help assist problem gamblers to stop gambling, by allowing them to sign up for the self-exclusion program. The program offers:

A choice of one year, five years, or a lifetime ban.

Removal from mailing lists that offer promotional material and special casino complimentaries.

Participants can register at two sites, one in Atlantic City and the other in Trenton.

Confidentiality – names will not be released to the public.

The program is available for residents of any state or country that choose to be banned from the casinos in New Jersey. “Problem gamblers who make attempts to stop gambling have sometimes relapsed back into gambling because of promotional material they have received by casino marketers”, states Looney.

Kevin O’Neill, Deputy Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. states “Recovering gamblers are many times faced with issues in their lives that create urges to gamble. Knowing that they placed themselves on this exclusion list, and they will be banned from entering the casinos, will help them handle these urges to return to gambling.”

The State of Missouri has had a similar program in existence for the past few years, with over 3,000 people who have registered for the lifetime ban.

This program has been made possible through the cooperation of the casinos, the Casino Control Commission, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, New Jersey legislators, and the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc.…

judi online 24 jam



Bagaimana cara mengontrol taruhannya?

Tidak semua pemain memiliki kemampuan yang sama dalam mengelola uang dan mengontrol taruhan. Pada beberapa mesin slot, taruhan yang dapat dikeluarkan mulai dari 0,01 euro per payline dan mencapai ratusan euro. Untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk menang dalam permainan mesin slot di judi online dan menghindari kerugian besar, ada beberapa parameter serta tips yang perlu dipertimbangkan, terutama terkait dengan taruhan. Detailnya akan kami berikan di bawah ini.

Memilih mesin slot yang tepat

Untuk mengelola taruhan dengan benar, Anda harus bisa menentukan mesin slot yang paling baik untuk Anda. Ada beberapa jenis mesin slot. Kriteria pertama yang perlu dipertimbangkan adalah seberapa menyenangkan mesin bisa memberi Anda. Anda dapat memilih antara mesin tradisional dan mesin yang lebih canggih. Sama seperti saat ini, kami menemukan mesin slot 3D yang dilengkapi dengan animasi suara dan video.

Ada beberapa hal lain yang perlu anda pikirkan saat memilih mesin slot. Dalam hal ini, Anda juga  perlu memeriksa tabel pembayaran, fitur, dan jenis mesin dalam situs judi online yanhg akan anda gunakan. Taruhan yang diperlukan dan kemungkinan kemenangan sangat bergantung pada poin yang satu ini.

Di antara mesin yang dapat memenangkan jackpot besar adalah slot progresif. Anda dapat memainkannya sebanyak yang Anda suka. Namun, perlu dicatat bahwa Anda harus memainkan taruhan maksimum setiap kali. Ini dapat menyebabkan kerugian besar jika Anda tidak bisa mengendalikan diri.

Jika Anda tidak mendapatkan kemenangan apa pun setelah bermain beberapa kali di mesin yang sama, point kesabaran sangat penting. Semakin lama Anda bertahan dalam permainan mesin slot dalam satu situs judi online 24 jam di palace303, maka peluang menang anda juga akan semakin besar.

Pertimbangkan bonusnya

Bonus adalah elemen yang paling menarik dalam situs judi online namun bonus juga tergantung pada situasi tertentu. Jadi, sebelum menggunakannya, Anda harus memastikan Anda telah mendapat informasi mengenai syarat dan ketentuan bonus dengan baik. Bonus dapat sangat meningkatkan penghasilan Anda. Anda dapat memilih untuk membuat taruhan besar untuk lebih banyak kemenangan. Selain itu, Anda dapat mempertahankan taruhan biasa tetapi bermain lebih lama.

Bonus menawarkan kesempatan untuk bermain lebih lama. Secara khusus, mereka memberi Anda akses ke banyak promosi yang mereka miliki dalam situs judi online mereka. Ini bahkan dapat menyebabkan peningkatan 3 atau 4 kali lipat dalam setoran awal Anda.

Batasi taruhan Anda

Untuk semua permainan casino online atau judi online lainnya, batasan bertaruh harus selalu ditetapkan. Entah untuk waktu atau uang, Anda harus mendisiplinkan diri sendiri agar aktivitas tersebut tidak menimbulkan konsekuensi negatif pada kehidupan profesional dan pribadi Anda.

Dalam hal ini, untuk bertaruh, akan bijaksana untuk menetapkan jumlah uang tertentu yang siap Anda hilangkan dalam satu hari di permainan judi online. Dengan begitu, jika Anda tidak menang, Anda tidak akan kecewa. Tetapi jika Anda menang, Anda akan senang telah menang dan tidak menjadi lupa diri untuk terus – menerus melakukan pertaruhan dengan konsekuensi akan menghabiskan seluruh modal dan keuntungan anda sampai habis.

Penting untuk memilih mesin yang sesuai dengan anggaran Anda. Banyak mesin menawarkan taruhan awal mulai dari hanya beberapa sen. Namun, ketika ini mulai berkembang, Anda harus selalu mempertimbangkan kemungkinan finansial Anda. Di atas segalanya, Anda tidak boleh mempertaruhkan uang yang tidak Anda miliki.

Bertujuan untuk jackpot

Banyak orang lebih suka slot jackpot. Ada dua jenis slot jackpot. Pertama, ada yang memiliki jackpot tetap. Jackpot akan disesuaikan dengan taruhan yang akan Anda masukkan. Dengan taruhan kecil Anda akan memiliki kesempatan untuk mendapatkan jackpot terendah. Semakin banyak Anda bertaruh maka kemungkinan Anda mendapatkan jackpot tertinggi juga akan semakin besar tentunya.

Kemudian, dengan mesin jackpot progresif, semua taruhan dari semua pemain di mesin yang sama akan ditempatkan di pot bersama. Pemain yang paling beruntung bisa memenangkan jackpot. Namun, untuk bermain dengan jackpot ini, taruhan maksimum ditetapkan.…


$16 million paid out in Microgaming Ligaz11 Jackpots!!$16 million paid out in Microgaming Ligaz11 Jackpots!!

Microgaming Jackpot Network Portal’s $16 Million Jackpot Payout Shatters World Records

December 3, 2000. London.    

Microgaming has announced that Jackpot Madness, the Microgaming Jackpot Network portal (www.jackpotmadness.com), has exceeded a record-breaking $16,000,000 in total jackpot payouts. This exclusive milestone firmly establishes Jackpot Madness as the world’s number one online jackpot destination.

The portal features 5 progressive slots games, the oldest and most popular being Cash Splash. Introduced in October 1998, Cash Splash is a three-reel, three-coin single-line progressive slot machine connected to numerous casinos using the company’s proprietary software. The game’s popularity has grown rapidly in two years and is now available at more than 50 online casinos. Two additional progressive games, “Wowpot,” another three-reel, three-coin, single-line progressive slot and “Lotsaloot,” a three-reel, three-coin, five-line progressive slot game, were added last April. These were followed in August by two more games: “Supajax,” a video poker progressive and “Fruit Fiesta,” a three-reel, three-coin, three-line progressive slot. With thousands of people playing simultaneously across the entire Microgaming Jackpot Network, massive progressive jackpots are won on a daily basis.

The site keeps a running real-time jackpot counter for inquiring gamers, as well as links to casinos offering Microgaming’s progressive games. It also features a casino search page where players can select a casino based upon their favorite jackpot game, current jackpot values or the price of placing a jackpot-enabled bet. Winner interviews are also featured on the site, as well as details about how much money has been won during the month as well as the total Jackpot Madness money paid.

A total of 565 lucky winners have shared in the $16,000,000 Ligaz11 jackpot bonanza. The landmark win that pushed Jackpot Madness over the $16 million point was a $50,196.61 jackpot won by Carol D. at King Solomon’s Casino December 2.

More than 55 players hit super jackpots in November alone, breaking all previously-held monthly payout records and totaling nearly 2 million dollars. December guarantees to be another exceptional month, with more than TBD paid out in the first week, alone.

“ As anticipated, Jackpotmadness.com is hugely successful and drawing vast numbers of players to the over 50 casinos connected to the portal.” said Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems. “With over $16,000,000 in jackpot payouts in a relatively short period of time, the popularity of the site has exceeded all of our expectations.”

About Microgaming Systems:

Microgaming Systems (www.microgaming.com) is the leading developer of online casino systems and the developer of a majority of the Internet’s most popular casinos. The company provides some of the most sophisticated security technology and fraud control tracking of any e-commerce site and is fast becoming the industry pace-setter in enabling technology for security, marketing and large scale e-commerce trade. Microgaming Systems is also a founding member of the Interactive Gaming Council, an industry self-regulatory body.…

Slot Gacor


In tennis when a set is tied they go into the tiebreaker, when one person makes a point the announcer says “advantage so and so.” When it comes to discipline at the poker table I feel I have a very real advantage. The Kount’s second rule for winning at low limit stud is to be extremely disciplined. I consider myself to have an advantage because of the following factors:

· I was never a gambler when I was young. I grew up in a neighborhood where you might not be leave a home game with your winnings , even if you were lucky enough to win. There might be an “altercation” upon trying to leave. However, I learned as much as I could about all the games.

· My first bet was placed at the racetrack as an adult. I became interested in the races while working with a person who was a real fan of thoroughbred racing. As accountants during the busy tax season we worked around sixty-five hours a week. On Saturday’s we quit at three in the afternoon. As soon as three o’clock rolled around we went to Keystone Race Track (now Philadelphia Park). You got in free for the last two races. So this became our relaxation at the end of some very tough weeks. I bought some handicapping books and started going once a month or so for the full card. But it took too much time to be good at it so I stopped. I consider myself a player not a gambler. I know that much has been written as to whether poker playing is gambling or not. By a strict definition of gambling we are all gamblers in poker, but those of us who study the game and work at it, know we have an advantage. We limit the element of trying to beat the odds by not making crazy bets with little positive expectation. I didn’t sit down at a poker table until I read all the basics about casino poker and Roy West’s 7 Card Stud 42 Lessons. That book seems so basic now after about a dozen other books that have improved my game.

· By nature I am a rather conservative person. This comes from my accounting background, which is how I make my money to play poker. As a group, accountants are normally not great risk takers . That’s not to say that some accountants don’t take inordinate risks but I believe in general we are less prone to risk taking then the average person.

· Patience is another quality needed to have discipline at the poker table. Raising three boys gave me some real lessons on improving patience.

The above factors have helped greatly with my poker discipline. This directly conflicts with the gambler type you find at your tables. These are the folks who have to have action. They are betting the horses, playing keno and maybe leaving the table for while to play craps. They are the reason we have all the simulcasting at the racetracks and Slot Gacor casinos. The gambler can’t wait a half hour between races he needs stimulation every couple of minutes. I found that a half hour sometimes wasn’t enough time to properly handicap a race. The gambler just wants action and you’ll hear them say they have a great bet on the “2” horse. They probably didn’t even look at the Racing Form but had to get a bet in. He can’t wait a half hour for a good playable hand to come along either. While playing stud this type player plays way too many hands. He figures he can’t sit here for an hour without getting in the action. This can be an advantage and disadvantage to the disciplined players at the table. Along with playing too many hands, betting patterns are many times very erratic. Just because the pot isn’t big enough the gambler may try to grow it all by himself. He may be bluffing but he may have a monster. Don’t worry about those times he does have the big hand. Maintain your discipline, play only quality hands, and you will beat him in the long run and most likely the long run will be the length of the current session.

I work at my discipline. It is not just the ability to play only quality hands and avoid the temptation to go with whatever has been dealt. You must not let the mood of the table swallow you up. If everyone is playing loose and raising like crazy, you must stay conservative. Yes, you can loosen up in these circumstances but not to the extent that your positive expectation criteria go out the window. Be sure you are playing well, not just winning pots. Know when to get up and change tables or go home. Don’t stay there because this is your only night to play. It may be the night that makes you a loser. Don’t play unless you are alert. If you find you aren’t watching how the others play, you have lost your discipline. When folding hand after hand, be sure to watch what is happening in the game. Test yourself by developing a plan on how you will attack each player when a playable hand comes along. Put each player in a category and develop a feel for what they play and how. With all this said the most important discipline you must have at low limits is to never go on tilt. When you do, they have won, you are lost. Maintain your cool. You know and I know very well they are going to do stupid things and draw out on us. That helps you, it may not be that session but if they keep playing like that you will get their money.

I normally play in Atlantic City. It is about an hour and a half drive from home. During the first part of the drive I talk to myself about how I want to play, what image I want to project on the table and how I’ll play certain hands. During the last half hour of the drive I continue to practice. No I don’t practice hands or bets, I practice saying “nice hand, well played” with as little sarcasm as possible. It takes a while to get the sarcasm out of my voice. But it works, they think you have complimented them and they will continue to draw for those gut shot straights. But you know you’ll get more of their money then they will of yours over time.

You must develop what works for you as far as discipline is concerned. Learn to recognize when you are losing it. Develop a plan of action for when this happens. Perhaps you take a walk around the casino. Or maybe call your friend and have a five-minute conversation on a topic other than poker. Many times when I feel I have started to play badly or get restless, I go back to my car and read my notes. I have 3×5 cards with notes from all the poker books I’ve read in my glove compartment. Reading some of these in the area where I may have shown weakness, gets me back to my disciplined style of play. If you are or have been a gambler type, analyze the negative effect that can have on your poker game. Try to separate those tendencies from disciplined poker play. You can get action from any of the other casino games and the horses, but when you play poker don’t expect action. Just work on playing with extreme discipline and you’ll see that your winnings are all from poker, not the other action. Remember you only have to win one big bet an hour to be successful in poker. Playing with extreme discipline will make that happen more times than not.…


New our Ligaz11 Software for Tournaments and Single Tables Satellites and a New Format for PokerDollarsNew our Ligaz11 Software for Tournaments and Single Tables Satellites and a New Format for PokerDollars

As you may or may not know, we have closed the tournament area on the old software. You will only be able to play 24/7 side action on the old software. To download the our new software and participate in the Fun Play tournaments and Single Table satellites, click here.

We are still awarding Poker Dollars, but this time it is a slightly different system. You play in the Fun Play area and your play in the tournaments is calculated and included in a ranking system (20 games per month).

The top 3 players on the ranking system at the end of the month win, 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month respectively in our www.pokerschoolonline.com

If you are already a PokerSchool member, then you can also participate in the Fun Play tournaments. If you win then, the time will be added onto your existing membership.

The Fun Play tournaments are run at the same times every week, so see the calendar for further information. The single table satellites are 24/7, and as soon as there are 10 players on the list then the satellite will start. When this happens, another new satellite appears in the lobby screen and you can immediately start to book into that one, and so on. The single table satellites on the Fun Play do not count towards the ranking table.

The multi-table tournaments appear in the lobby, 1 hour prior to the event starting and you just add your name to the list, and the tournaments will start on time and you will be seated. There are no restrictions to the number of players per tournament, like the old software, so there will not be a batch of 3 tournaments like the old structure.

There is also not going to be round 1’s and 2’s anymore as all of your ligaz11 results are automatically calculated and added to the ranking system. We also have a new function on our new software this week, where you can unjoin the event if you decide for any reason that you will not be able to play once you have put your name on the list. This is really as a courtesy to the other players and will not delay the game unnecessarily if you are just not present and blinded off.

If any of you have any questions please email me Tina@pokerpages.com

If you still have Poker Dollars that you have not yet claimed for tournament play in a live casino – don’t worry as they are valid for a year.…


UFA Bargain HuntingUFA Bargain Hunting

These events happened. The names have been changed to protect the naïve. All three hands are $20-40 hold’em.

Jerry Mander bet the turn. His lone opponent, Moe Mentum, paused to think. Jerry put his cards out in front. He put a $5 chip on one card and two $5 chips on the other card. Jerry pointed to the card with one chip on it and said to Moe, “You can pay me five bucks to see this card.” Then Jerry pointed to the other card and said, “It’s ten bucks to see this one.”

Everyone at the table was loving Jerry’s creativity, including Moe, who had his own rules in mind. Moe tossed three $5 chips over to Jerry. Then Moe turned over both of Jerry’s cards.

Jerry was unfazed as everyone gawked at his exposed ace-five. Jerry had no pair, no draw, he was out of position, he had already bet the turn, and now his cards were face up, meaning his pants were pulled down. So what else could Moe Mentum do but raise? And that’s what he did. Moe raised the turn.

Jerry called in tempo as if still dressed. The river was a blank. Jerry checked. Moe bet the river and Jerry called. Moe mucked. He couldn’t beat Jerry’s ace-high. Not only did Jerry’s cunning offer earn bluffing chips from Moe, but Jerry also got fifteen bucks icing. Brilliant.

Seeing that hand got me thinking about what I’ve been missing out on by going statue whenever I have cards. I decided to stay alert for bargains if the right people were involved, just for one night, just for fun.

An hour later I had eight-three in the big blind. Everyone folded to Justin Case on the button. Justin and I don’t go out of our way to beat each other up. We don’t soft play, but we don’t hard play either. Honestly? We play honest. Honest! Check out UFA

Justin slowly looked around like how he does. He saw my big blind sitting there like a red duck on a green pond, and he meekly limped from the button. The small blind called two chips and I knuckled. The flop came 9-9-4, twotone. The small blind checked the flop and I bet out.

Justin gave me a suspicious stare and called. The small blind folded. Right away, I called time out. This was my big chance to play Let’s Make a Deal. I mean, me and Justin are palsy, and the guy in the small blind had got up and was 20 feet away on the phone screaming at his bookie, so I knew he wouldn’t mind. Plus, I had just bet with nothing and got called. Perfect.

“Hey Justin,” I said. “How about if I take back three chips and you take the rest?”

Clever offer, ya think? If I had asked to take back my entire bet, it might have looked desperate and sent up a flare as to just how bad my hand really was. And if I had offered to take two chips back and Justin agreed, I’d have sold myself short because if he would say yes to two chips then he’d surely say yes to three, right? Man, I’m good at this! I should do it more often!

Justin quickly agreed to the deal. My bet was still in front of me, so I retrieved three of the four chips and thumb-flicked the other chip into the pot on it’s way to Justin.

Another player, Ella Mentry, spoke up. “Good play, Tommy,” she said. “By betting four chips to win 12, and by getting three chips back when you got called, you were retrospectively risking only one chip to steal 12 chips. Plus, if Justin had declined your offer, you’d know he had something, and you’d know not to get frisky on the turn, even if you made a pair. Ni Han.”

Justin heard Ella’s analysis and he didn’t care one bit. Later, Justin told me he had queen-ten and he was happy to take a quick profit. A good deal was had by all.

My other true-confession from that night is another money-back scenario, but this time my cards were already in the muck! I was in the small blind. The first player limped and everyone folded, including me. The pot was now heads up between the big blind and the limper. They glanced at each other and I knew what they were thinking. They wanted to chop the pot then and there, as if chopping blinds, but they couldn’t because my small blind was in the pot too.

So, I said, “Let’s chop!” Neither of them bothered to say, “Okay.” They grabbed their bets back, four chips each, leaving my two chips idle for an instant before I snatched up my piece of the pie. With no cards, I got a full rebate. As usual, a song lyric came to mind:

“They call that a bargain. The best I ever had.”

– Pete Townshend

That Darn River Card

Playing the Friday night tournament, $30 buy in, limit hold’em tournament at the fort, the unusual happens. The first ten hands were won on the river. 1st hand, aces were cracked by two pair, J, 10 off suit. J on the river. Next hand, KQ flop two pair: K, 5, Q. Ten then Jack and the A, 5 suited gets the straight. Next hand: Flop is 3,4,7. Turn is J; River is J. J7 full beats the 56 flop for the straight in the big blind. This goes on and on with most of the players winning one hand on the river. I started counting. Ten hands won in a row on the river.

We all experience the river bad beat. We cry and moan when it happens to us. On the other hand, we love it because we pray for the river. Please g-d, Please g-d, river me. As we scoop up the pot, we feel “Hell ya, I know how to play.” Damn I’m good.

There is a winner and a loser on the river. Then there is hindsight. Jeez, if I would have stayed I could have had the flush. How about the player who always stays to the river no matter what. Maybe there should be a table called River Hold’em. Place the $3 blind, $3 flop, $6 turn, $6 river in the pot in the beginning and play showdown. Frustrating as it is, it is a fact of Hold’em .Win or lose we have to accept the river. Either way, you have to learn how to swim.…